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Private Label Hot Sauce​

Add a special touch with our sauces. We provide Private Label solutions for businesses, non-profits, fundraisers, and personalized custom designs for weddings.

Private Label Hot Sauce Solutions

Our Award Winning Sauces...Your Branding!

In search of a unique way to generate profit for your business, school, church, or organization? The DSC Private Label Hot Sauce Program might be just what you need! Our award-winning sauces are known for their exceptional flavor, complementing a wide range of dishes. You tell us what flavors your want to use, and our team will handle everything else, including custom designing a label that represents your company, non-profit, or organization. 

Check out our Private Label hot sauce options below…

Private Label Wholesale Hot Sauces

With our Private Label Hot Sauce Program, you have the opportunity to purchase our Award-Winning Hot Sauce and re-brand it with your company or organization’s logo, adding a personal touch to a beloved product. This program allows you to choose your own unique name for the sauce, creating a distinctive product that reflects your brand’s identity. Whether you’re a retailer looking to offer something exclusive, a restaurant wanting to add a signature touch to your menu, or an organization seeking a unique promotional item, our Private Label program provides the perfect solution. By leveraging our acclaimed hot sauce, you can enhance your brand’s visibility and appeal with a product that customers already love.


Private Label Hot Sauce Fundraisers​

Eaglewingz Private Label Hot Sauce Program

Boost your fundraising efforts with our award-winning EagleWingz hot sauce, a unique and flavorful way to generate revenue for your organization. Perfect for schools, churches, non-profits, and community groups, our hot sauce is not only a crowd-pleaser but also a proven fundraiser. By partnering with us, you can offer a product that stands out from typical fundraising items. Our sauces are crafted with high-quality ingredients and have garnered numerous awards, ensuring that your supporters will be thrilled with their purchase. Each bottle is customizable with your organization’s logo and details, making it a personalized and memorable keepsake for those who contribute to your cause.

Custom Wedding/Party Favor Hot Sauces​

Looking for a distinctive gift for your wedding guests ? Try our award-winning hot sauce, personalized with a picture of the loving couple. Our hot sauce is not only a unique and flavorful gift, but it also adds a personal touch that your guests will remember. We can customize the labels to include your wedding date, a special message, or any other detail that makes the day uniquely yours.

Our award-winning flavors, combined with your personalized touch, make for a memorable and practical gift that your guests will love. Let us help you add that extra special touch to your wedding day with our customized hot sauce bottles.

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